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Elevator Repair Service in Denver

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40-Year-Old Power Units Get Upgraded

It’s amazing what upgrading an old power unit can do for not only the elevator, but the aesthetics of the machine room. MEI recently helped with both when our mechanics replaced two power units for Creekside at Green Gables condominium in Lakewood, CO.

Account Manager Jesse Sterling worked with the customer and they both agreed it was time to upgrade the power units due to them being almost 40-years-old and the pump motors were noisy.  MEI submersible power units were installed with our standard parts including a Lincoln motor, IMO pump, Maxton Valve and Victaulic fittings.

In addition to the power unit replacements, our metal fabricator also added some metal covers to some exposed pipes.

Mechanics Manny Guzman, Zach Van Wyke and Jonathan Brantley completed the work, and the customer was very happy with the results. We look forward to continuing to work with Creekside at Green Gables for years to come!

Did you know MEI Power Units have many advantages, including:

  • All components are in the tank
  • Installation piping & wiring is in one convenient kit
  • Tanks are constructed from 12-gauge sheet steel
  • Cost effective
  • Attractive compact design

If you are in need of elevator upgrades, please contact your local MEI location today!



Covering exposed pipes

MEI Helps Connect the Old to the New

MEI is proud to have been a part of the construction at the Parkside West Bridge Landing in Colorado Springs, CO. General Contractor, Colarelli Construction, referred to it as the bridge of the future, as it connects America the Beautiful Park (old) to the Olympic & Paralympic Museum and Downtown (new).

Although MEI was brought in late to the project and it originally had a base design for an MRL, we worked with the GC for the perfect solution to get the project started. After several discussions between Account Manager Chris Becker and the GC, it was decided that MEI would design an elevator to fit the current hoistway rather than proceed with the MRL.

MEI went through all the engineering phases with the customer and got to work on manufacturing the elevator package for the 4,000 lb capacity borehole passenger. This project also included a jack from ITI Hydraulik, fixtures and COP from Innovation and GAL door equipment.

MEI mechanics Robert Beck and Zach Van Wyke went above and beyond for this project. Before the project began, MEI was given a deadline of four weeks to meet the ribbon cutting celebration.

The mechanics worked long hours and even agreed to start the job with the hoistway covered in plastic. They installed the application on generator power until permanent power was installed and overcame many issues along the way.

The crew worked through extreme weather conditions including 0-degree temps and snow, long rainy days that lead to a muddy job site and extreme heat with 90-degree temps. In the end, MEI met the contractors’ expectations and was the only subcontractor to meet the tight deadline.

Everyone came together to help make this project a success. MEI staff is always working to provide a positive customer experience and thrives on building relationships with those we work with.

To read more about this project and see additional photos, click here.

MEI Completes Repairs at Waterford Condominiums

MEI has had a service contract with Waterford Condominiums in Englewood, CO for several years and they have continued building a trusting relationship with them. When the sprinklers unexpectedly went off, it flooded one of their hallways and the water was pushed down the elevator shaft, MEI was called in to inspect the damage right away. 

After the inspection, MEI found that almost every board had to be replaced, including the main processor board, new hall calls, door operator boards, new push buttons and every fuse. Overall, more than 30 parts had to be replaced. MEI worked around the clock to get this project done in order to get the elevator back up and running. We also worked closely with the property manager to quickly write everything up so that it could be properly turned into insurance. 

Waterford was extremely happy with the rapid response from the MEI team. Everyone worked quickly and played a huge part in getting the elevator in working condition. 

The team that worked on this project were Sales Representative Jesse Sterling, Service Operations Coordinator Ashley Fuell and Mechanics Kevin West and Rudy Houde. 

Building relationships with our customers is very important to the entire MEI team. We strive to respond quickly and do everything we can to help our customers get the results they are looking for. 

Cherry Creek Plaza IV Modernization

MEI was contacted by an inspector who needed help finishing the modernization of four traction passenger elevators at Cherry Creek Plaza IV in Aurora, CO. They had initially hired another elevator company to complete the project, but after a year and a half, they still had three elevators down and the fourth was not running properly or code compliant.

Branch Manager Marshal Steves met with the property owners to assess the job. They also went through all the materials on site that had already been purchased in order to figure out what else was needed. Steves then worked alongside Sales Representative Chris Becker to put together a proposal.

After Cherry Creek Plaza agreed to move forward with MEI, they began the modernization right away. MEI replaced the controllers, fixtures, ropes, governors, rope grippers, door equipment, emergency lighting and wiring. The MEI team worked very hard on this project and were able to get all four of the elevators up and running in a just a few short months.

The MEI team that made this project a success were Branch Manager Marshal Steves, Sales Representatives Jesse Sterling and Chris Becker, Service Operations Coordinator Ashley Fuell and Mechanics Zach Van Wyke, Robert Beck, Eli Ortiz and Troy Van Wyke.



Oil Analysis and Filtration

MEI is always looking to provide our customers with solutions to help maintain the operational heath and extend the life of your elevators. Through ongoing research with our industry partners, oil analysis and filtration has developed as a critical preventative procedure to incorporate in your hydraulic elevator maintenance planning.

According to Michael Johnson, author of The Necessity of Oil Monitoring and Filtration, “Hydraulic oil is the lifeblood of the hydraulic system; it is estimated that 80% of failures in an oil system are related to oil quality and cleanliness.”

Oil related failures can include:

  • Overheating Oil
  • Short Seal Life
  • Valve Failure
  • Unintended Car Movement
  • Vibrations and Noise

MEI can help by:

  • Performing a baseline oil analysis with a full report and explanation of the results
  • Provide a proposal for filtration scrubbing to properly filter the elevator oil. This process can be completed without shutting down the elevator!

To learn more about oil analysis and filtration, click here or give us a call!

Emergency Elevator Phone Technology

We value our customer relationships and we strive to be a trusted source for your elevator service needs. Providing great service includes keeping our customers informed of anything in the marketplace we believe you could benefit from. With that said, we are excited to introduce you to Kings III Emergency Communications.

Kings III specializes in elevator help phone monitoring and dispatch. They have been in the industry for nearly 30 years providing value-added benefits not common in the monitoring space and are experts in elevator phone code compliance.

Below are just a few of the many reasons we are recommending Kings III to our customers:
– Dedicated dispatch center answers only emergency calls
– Digital recording, date/time stamp of all calls for risk and liability reduction
– Potential elimination of costly dedicated phone lines via Kings III line seizure technology or cellular options

We believe an initial conversation with Kings III will be well worth your time and we are confident you will find great value in the added benefits of their service. It is important to note that our current elevator maintenance and service agreement will remain unchanged. Kings III is a standalone agreement for installing their elevator emergency phones and providing 24/7/365 monitoring. For example, with Kings III you would simply list MEI on your call dispatch list and our technicians would continue to be dispatched out when needed.

As always, we appreciate your business and the trust you put in us as your elevator service provider.

Hear What Our Satisfied Customers Have To Say

MEI is the real deal. They go above and beyond! Smart, caring, knowledgeable, friendly responsive … I could go on and on. Don’t hesitate to call them. THey are the best in the biz and make you feel like their most important customer.
– Sarah F. (Google Review) 

MEI is a great company to work with. From fast service, to being available when needed to answer questions, to anything in between. If you are looking for a new elevator company, look no further than MEI!
– Anna G. (Google Review)

MEI (and Jesse S. specifically) helped me out in a pinch. I had an emergency elevator situation at a condo in Denver and they sent out a tech right away and took care of everything. Thank you!
– Travis W. (Google Review) 

A great elevator company. 
– Julie G. (Google Review) 

I cannot say enough about MEI! My family has owned an apartment building in Denver since 1970, with the original 1962 elevator. We have been through MANY elevator companies over the years until we found MEI. Their service, honesty and professionalism is second to none. Because of our monthly maintenance service, at a VERY reasonable cost, we have had only one to two additional repairs over the years. Integrity seems difficult to find these days, however, we found it with MEI. Both the branch manager (Marshal) and the service/repair manager (Jesse) are ALWAYS immediately responsive. 
Lisa G. (Google Review)

MEI Elevator in Denver makes the other guys look like amateurs. They are great at communicating with me, always check in and out, give accurate details about any issues and get things done in a timely professional manner. I have absolutely no reservations recommending them, and I wish all my contractors were like them.
– Philip H. (Google Review)

My 92 year old grandmother who can’t use stairs is coming to visit and I discovered my elevator wasn’t working! Jesse responded promptly and got John to come out and take a look within the week. John was able to get our elevator up and running in less than one hour!
Shandra E. (Google Review)

MEI has gone above and beyond to assist me and my property. I value Marshal, Jesse and Ashley for the impeccable customer service they have provided me and continue to provide. Technicians are helpful and knowledgeable. I 100% recommend MEI for complete elevator service. I would give 10 stars if I could.
Shawn M. (Google Review)

I have been using MEI Elevator for 3 years now. After weeding through some horrible elevator companies I feel that I am truly informed (and jaded) to the terrible elevator companies out there. I have 3 apt. bldgs. with elevators that are as old as -1929 in one case. MEI responds quickly to service calls and has people on staff that know what they are doing! -What a far cry from so many others. The staff keeps me informed if they cant get a repair done the same day. They explain why and when some weird old part will be made of delivered (usually very quickly) I love these guys-they have made my life so much easier. I would give them 6 stars if I could.
Krys K. (Google Review)

John the on call person was helpful and prompt I appreciate his help with this matter. Also the other maintenance men that came are courteous as well.
Diamond M. (Google Review)

Great elevator company. You guys are the best. Would recommend to anyone using Platform/Stair lifts, passenger and freight elevators.
DeAndre P. (Google Review)

Ashley Fuell, Chris Becker, Jesse Sterling, Marshal Steves